Why Are We Better Than Other Companies?

We have only one goal in our company and that is to give the absolute BEST service to each and every one of our clients. Also, giving them the credit they so deserve and the tools to manage and maintain the luxury of having superior credit. Our clients are continuously educated on the complete process of raising your credit score, rebuilding your credit to a very strong position, the art in negotiating debt settlement to your advantage and how to talk and deal with all forms of debt collectors. The main key to restoring, building and maintaining excellent credit is our incredible education process that you will be part of on a weekly base and that is “Why We Are Better Than Other Companies!”

Why Do We Do This

It is our mission to partner with you, on this journey to get you the things that you may want in life. If you, like every other client, have no concept on how all the laws regulate collectors, it will be next to impossible to navigate the hurdles and the challenging maze (BY DESIGN) of cleaning the debris of bad credit from your credit report. We want to remove that mountain on your shoulders, the constant worry every time the phone rings, the horrible thoughts that haunt your mind of “How am I ever going to get ahead” and knowing that our end game is to get you approved on any kind of loan with the lowest possible interest rate!

Our Experience

When dealing with the credit bureaus, creditors and bill collectors, our experience shines in this realm and therefore we can deliver the best results for you. Our dedicated and expert teams/your partners will deal with ALL negative issues that are reported by those entities!

Creditor, Collector And Bureau Disputes

To achieve winning results, you must tackle more than just the credit bureaus, as they are only one slice of the pie. The federal laws allow you to dispute all issues with any credit bureaus, collection agencies and creditors, to have any inaccurate and negative information removed from your credit reports. This is something that we thrive on and there is no additional fee for this.

Full No-Risk Refund Policy

Our company is a partner you can trust. You deserve complete satisfaction and that is why we are offering you a no risk refund policy. After the initial length of the program you chose and you continue on with our service and as long as you are current on your subscription payments to date, for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the performance of that month’s service, you will receive a refund for that current month.

Complete No-Hassle Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your service, there is no problems or issues. There are no annual or monthly contracts, but rather a month to month subscription with our award winning credit repair services. Just email us a quick note that you wish to cancel and it’s that simple!service.

Free And Continual Consultation

One of our policies is that we offer a “FREE” consultation with you, at your convenience, to discuss our programs with you before you come on board with us. We want you to make the right decision as to whether this is something you wish to pursue? We want you to feel that there are no pressures, but rather comfortable and educated on this process…

Customer Service And Support

As part of our award-winning services, the most important slice of the pie is customer service. Our staff have been trained in all aspects of the credit repair business. We are very proud of our ability to give the absolute best in customer service. While we try answering every call and email as they come in, we ask that it may take up to 24 hours for a response.